Osteopathic Treatment & Vertigo

Papa & Mandara 2018 in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies:

This study evaluated the effect of Osteopathic treatment in patients with Benign Positional Paroxsmal Postional Vertigo (BPPV) which is one of the most common causes of Vertigo

The study split a group of 40 participants into one treatment group and one sham treatment group.

They found that participants in the treatment group showed improvement in multiple aspects of their vertigo symptoms whilst participants in the sham group did not.

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Reid et al in the journal Manual Therapy:

This study followed 86 participants with an average age of 62 for one year. The participants were randomised into two different treatment groups and one placebo group.

After one year the researchers found statistically significant improvements in participants who had been randomised to both treatment groups. They found little or no improvement in those who had been randomised to the placebo group.

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Osteopathic Treatment and Lower Back Pain

Coulter et al 2018 in The Spine Journal:

Nine trials assessing Osteopathic treatment of chronic lower back pain, with a combined 1,176 participants were pooled for meta anlaysis.

The researchers found “moderate qulaity” evidence that manipulation and mobilisation are likely to reduce pain and improve finction for chronic lower back pain sufferers. They found that manipulation was more effective.

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Osteopathic Treatment & Pregnancy

Franke et al 2017 in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies:

Systematic review of 8 studies assssing the effect of Osteopathic Treatment of lower back pain in women before and after giving birth.

Whilst advising that higher numbers of participants would be a useful step forward for future studies the researchers found that the current literature shows that Osteopathic treatment provides “clinically relecvant benefits” to women both during and after pregnancy.

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